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    "Semmelweis International Students’ Conference 2017"


    Dear students,

    Hereby we would like to invite you for the 

    "Semmelweis International Students’ Conference 2017"

    which is one of the biggest conference aimed for medical students. The conference will be hosted at the Semmelweis University in the heart of Budapest (Location: Nagyvárad square 4.)

    This conference is held by students for students, with not only just oral presentations but you can also participate in our practical competition. The event will take place from the 8th-10th of February in 2017. Budapest is waiting for you.

    Deadline for abstract submission:  8th of December, 2016.

    We have no registration fee. 

    The platform at our website, where you can upload your abstracts:

    We are willing to provide accommodation and breakfast for each day for three days.

    We would like to invite all the participants for the banquet after the closing ceremony. 

    We hope that many Students will visit to Budapest!


    Monika Müller

    coordinator of the Students' Scientific Association
    Semmelweis University



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